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Original products that support humpback whale

research on Maui!  

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This year at Whale Tales 2014 we are launching our “singing” Whale Song Scarf, Event T-shirt, and Eco-friendly Bag!

Our newest gear comes with a QR Code.  Simply scan the code with your smart phone to hear a 60 second Whale Song recorded by Whale Trust Maui’s Jim Darling.


Shop for one-a-kind items exclusively created for us in 2013 and 2014.

100% of the profit from these items directly supports Whale Trust Maui’s research efforts and those of our partner organizations.

The proceeds will allow us to purchase equipment like boat engines, hydrophones for recording whale songs, cameras and lenses, and create educational programs to inspire the next generation of researchers.

About the Whale Tails Art Used in our Clothing Line.

Our latest designs are the perfect blend of science and art. We started with an assortment of whale fluke photographs shot by Whale Trust Maui researchers in their pursuit of identifying members of the whale population here. The humpbacks’ fluke patterns are as distinctive as a human fingerprint. Then, Maui designer Chelsea Kohl color–saturated them into eye-popping wearable art you won’t find anywhere else.

We Support Green Companies and Printing.

All our printing processes use 100% water-based inks plus clean technology for minimal environmental impact. Our hoodies, rash guards, and scarves are printed by sponsor Katmandu® Inc., which uses a proprietary form of dye sublimation called Kinetic Colorization. Aqueous based mineral dye is transferred into the fabric with kinetic emitters. There are no chemicals or solvents, and a very low carbon footprint.

We thank our partners for supporting us, and for their commitment to green technology.

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